Minecraft grass block

I host a little Minecraft server of sorts 'cause why not. Here you'll find some various info regarding the server, such as a list of plugins, how to join, and a rudimentary map.

The server runs using Paper, a specialised Minecraft server program which allows server-side plugins to add functionality (and fun!) for the player. No client-side modification required. If you'd like to join, the address is, version 1.14.4 or later. Also, make sure to familiar yourself with the rules before playing (and perhaps the starters guide).

Changes to the server and related infrastructure can be found on the Sterlcraft feed.

Current server status: Online (Refresh)


To break the monotony of a single-focus server, Sterlcraft has a variety of worlds to play in. The Nether and End are standard, but the normal world-types have a plethora of different functions!


If you're curious about all the plugins, type /plugins in server chat.


A comprehensive list of what each rank of user can and can't do is available on the Permissions page.