Seth Price
(I’ve lost like 15kg since this photo; maybe it’s time for a new one)

Yes, my name is indeed Seth Price. I’m studying to be a music teacher; my major instrument is clarinet, though I also play trombome, flute and saxophone. I’m a man of many hobbies, straddling the line between polymath and dilletante, though I arguably focus the most on UNIX-y computer science stuff.

If you’ve got any questions or comments regarding the content on this site or anything in my field(s) of experience, you can reach me through e-Mail at: smp AT ssterling DOT net.

PGP public key

Fingerprint: 353C 1795 6810 D193
Keyfile: pubkey.asc

Social media

I semi-regularly participate in quite a few online communities, but following are the most typical:

Also known as…

  • Jack Sterling — Occasional pseudonym; fursona’s name
  • セス・プライス — Full name as rendered in Japanese, Sesu Puraisu