Seth Price
(I’ve lost like 15kg since this photo; maybe it’s time for a new one)

Yes, my name is indeed Seth Price. I’m studying to be a music teacher; my major instrument is clarinet, though I also play trombome, flute and saxophone. When I’m not either writing niche computer programs or taking random pictures, I’m likely tending to my snails or surveying for OpenStreetMap.

If you’ve got any questions or comments regarding the content on this site or anything in my field(s) of expertise, you can reach me through e-Mail at: spriNULL[email protected]NULLol.com.

PGP Public Key

Fingerprint: 353C 1795 6810 D193
Keyfile: pubkey.asc

Locations on the Internet

I’m in the White Pages, and my usual handle is the same as my domain. I guess I’ll just save you that quick Google search. (Not everyone with the username ssterling is me, though.)

Also known as…

  • Jack Sterling — Occasional pseudonym; fursona’s name
  • セス・プライス — Full name as rendered in Japanese, Sesu Puraisu