Seth Price

Yes, my name is indeed Seth Price. I’m studying to be a music teacher, and my major instrument is clarinet. I quite enjoy photography as a hobby, and like to program and code things in my free time.

If something’s going wrong at some point in time, you can reach me through e-Mail at: sNULL[email protected]NULLmail.cc.

PGP Public Key

Fingerprint: 4197 74DF 19E4 AD4F
Keyfile: pubkey.asc

Locations on the Internet

I was dumb enough to plaster my real name on everything back in the day, so I guess the damage is already done.

Also known as…

  • Jack Sterling — Occasional pseudonym; fursona’s name
  • セス・プライス — Full name as rendered in Japanese, Sesu Puraisu