Technical info

I code this entire site from scratch, save some libraries. View the S3P entry on the Computing page for further info.

Works integrated

Most libraries, scripts, &c. used on this site are duly credited in source; works for which I’m either technically incapable of crediting or which I have integrated into closed-source portions of this website are listed below.

Icons & images

Recommended readings on web design

Being a nonprofessional, purely hobbyist web designer, my opinion isn’t worth much in the grand scheme of things. However, if you’re poking around and have made it to this page, I guess it’s worth something to you.

That being said, the following readings have directly influenced how I’ve designed my website, both from an end-user perspective and on the back-end.

…So far, that’s it. Up until recently, I’ve mostly just perused technical documents.


With the exception of the retro PC portal, every page on this site is written in valid HTML5. Likewise, any CSS rules that dictate layout of the website are written using CSS3 modules that are at least at the Candidate Recommendation stage and are adopted by no less than 99% of desktop and mobile browsers. Some odd exceptions exist, e.g. scroll bar colors, but none of these rules will actually break any layout or presentation on the site.


All HTML, CSS and JavaScript on the production server automatically minified to save a few hundred bytes per request. If you want to turn this off to poke through more legible source code, set your cookie with the buttons below.

Minification is currently: determining…

Server information

I run Apache around the clock on a Dell Optiplex 760 tucked away in a storage room in my house. (Electricity is cheaper than hosting, where I live.) For those curious, I’ve been keeping uptime records since a major overhaul in December 2022.

Other public services hosted here: FTP, Sterlbooru, e-Mail, and a couple Telnet services (varlpenis and uprecords).