Sterlcraft » Server features

Most everything relevant can be found by typing /help in-game, but there are a few additional easter eggs and such that make Sterlcraft gameplay differ from that of a true, plain-Vanilla server. Following is a somewhat comprehensive list of said features which deviate from regular Minecraft.

Protection & anti-grief

Sterlcraft uses CoreProtect to comprehensively log block interactions, deaths and so forth. It’s my (the server owner’s) philosophy that, on a server of this scale, land claim and/or grief prevention plugins add unnecessary obstacles to enjoyable gameplay. As such, in the rare instance of griefing (usually by tween trolls), CoreProtect can roll back changes quite accurately… except for item frames, for some reason.

Despite the philosophy on grief prevention plugins, door locking is a feature on Sterlcraft, courtesy of Bolt. It’s as simple as typing /lock and left-clicking your door. For rationale, refer to the follwing excerpt from in-game /help lock:

Sifting through tons of container interactions to determine
whether something was stolen is tedious for server staff.
Whilst lockable chests seem the best solution, it detracts a
bit from the vanilla-esque fun of the game.  As a compro-
mise, players can lock doors, which forces potential thieves
to break blocks—something which is more easily detected—to
access a secured container.  ¶  For general command help,
see: <>.

Additionally, do note that unvetted players—marked in chat and tablist as Player instead of Member—cannot light fires or place lava or TNT.


To focus more on community interaction and less on long-distance travelling, especially in the context of such a small playerbase, Sterlcraft has a few basic teleportation commands enabled, courtesy of the EssentialsX plugin.

Command Description
/tpa username Request to teleport to player username.
/tpahere username Request player username teleport to you.
/tpaccept Accept an incoming teleportation request.
/tpdeny Deny an incoming teleportation request.
/tpacancel Cancel an outgoing teleportation request.
/sethome name Save a location as a home, named name.
/delhome name Delete home named name.
/home name Teleport to your home named name.
/spawn Teleport to Spawn.
/back Teleport to the last place you were before you died, or before you teleported.

Regarding homes: regular Players may have one home, while Members (vetted players) may have up to three.

Convenience & speed

Sort-of in line with the teleportation rationale, Sterlcraft implements a couple features for the sake of reducing rote, repetitive work. Chiefly, sneaking while cutting down a tree will fell the whole tree and replant a sapling, courtesy of Thizzy’s Tree Feller. Also, using a hoe to break a crop will simultaneously harvest and replant it, courtesy of Purpur.

There exists a dynamic server map with an overhead view; feel free to use this as you please.

Crafting & smelting recipes

Slabs can be reconstructed into their non-slab forms; check your recipe book. Likewise, Rotten Flesh can be smelted into leather, but uses twice the fuel compared to a normal item. These recipes are implemented by a custom-generated datapack.

Cosmetic additions

A Minecraft pig named Technoblade, wearing a crown

Iron Golems are Shrek. Also, if you downloaded the server resource pack and have OptiFine (or, for Quilt/Fabric users, Entity Texture Features and Custom Entity Models) installed, you can enjoy some of the uselessly custom textures present on the server, including:

Players can set their in-game handle to whatever they’d like using /nick nickname. Colour is supported via standard formatting codes, substituting & for §.

Sitting on stairs and slabs can be achieved by right-clicking with an empty hand, courtesy of GSit. Whether this is actually useful or gameplay-altering is debatable.

Everything else

Bookshelves can hold up to eighteen (two inventory rows of) books, courtesy of the Bookshelf plugin. No real reason behind this; I just thought it was a cool addition.

A train of minecarts in Minecraft passing by the viewer

Trains—a chain of minecarts that stay connected—can be formed by pushing one minecart into another, courtesy of TrainCarts. Link up a furnace minecart and you’ll have a self-propelling train. All the fancy features such as station signs and tickets have been disabled; those are a bit too non-Vanilla for my taste.

Users of the mod AppleSkin will be delighted to know that Sterlcraft runs AppleSkinSpigot, allowing display of detailed hunger information client-side.

Also, some miscellaneous commands:

Command Description
/suicide Kill yourself (in-game, of course). Sometimes useful.
/ping Make sure you’re actually still connected to the server.