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Oddly enough, the few times I ever banned anyone was when I listed the server on a directory for a short while. The bronies were pretty tame. Except for link74545; he was obnoxious.

Username UUID Date Reason
link74545 f4951cc7-1a89-4e76-b5be-020bc6cc9ab9 08 Mar 2015 Vandalism, excessive profanity
KingIngot 029082cb-d344-44b9-841c-8bdf04d53570 16 Apr 2015 Vandalism and mass profanity
GIVEMEYAWEED123 133ba6fa-2a2d-4b92-85ee-49d9340aa29e 20 Apr 2015 Logged on; vandalised everything and left
7Lebawsh 6213d501-febe-4a40-8bcc-1de51923523a 26 Apr 2015 Breaking ten blocks of glass in spawn? If you're going to troll someone; at least do it well