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Feral deer fursona

More or less a mirror of my RPR page.


Jack Sterling is a quaint, little deer of few words. Taking after his father Will, Jack studied to become a doctor—his knowledge of medicinal herbs is almost encyclopædic, and he could even sprout seeds and fertilise shoots by holding them in his hoof. However, he soon realised his true calling lied in growing and supplying the plants used by such healers, and as such started his own patch near his cosy cottage in the woods.


Jack is a rather terse and content deer of subtle emotion, preferring to say and show just what’s on his mind and little else. Despite this, however, he enjoys conversation and interaction with friends new and old—especially when it comes to sharing his botanical knowledge. Jack likes to think himself a kind and approachable fellow, but is generally cast away in favour of the bubbly, more extravagant type. He’ll never hesitate to loyally support and help what friends he acquaints, however.

Physical characteristics

Age the world may never know
Sex Male
Species Appalachian whitetail (O. v. virginianus)
Coat Pinewood, with white and chocolate markings and mahogany accents
Eyes Cerulean
Build Average, but a little lithe

Mildly feminine-looking. Sometimes mistaken for a doe till one notices the antlers.