I like to cook. The product is occasionally edible, so I document it here. Pictures coming eventually.

Recipes I need to get on the website soon

Chicken kebabs on a foil-lined baking sheet

Savoury dishes


  • Burger sauce A — A rather simple recipe which is mostly only here for my own reference.
  • Burger sauce B — A garlicky mayo, on this site for the same reason as sauce A.
  • Burger seasoning — Complementary spices for decent beef.
  • Tartar sauce — My usual tartar sauce, which is apparently a bit different from the norm.


  • Classic tuna salad — A family recipe I’ve tweaked over the years. Pretty standard, but loveable nonetheless.
  • Macaroni salad — The simple yet delicious macaroni salad recipe my grandmother and I enjoy.


The (eventually) disproportionate size of this section goes to show where I concentrate most of my cooking skill.

  • Banana bread — A simple but moist bread with rum raisins and walnuts.
  • Bread pudding — My twist on bread pudding, cinnamon-less for my girlfriend with an allergy to said spice. The secret’s in the sourdough.
  • Cranberry sauce — Simple holiday cranberry sauce with nuts and light spice.
  • Chocolate chip cookies — A slight twist on traditional chocolate chip cookies that results in a taller and more contrasting product.
  • Signature cheesecake — An NY-style-inspired cheesecake recipe which garnered me some fame in high school.