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This content is archived! Whilst this page is no longer maintained and may not accurately reflect nor portray up-to-date opinions or information, its content is kept accessible for reasons such as historical interest or accountability.

Most of it’s basic common sense, but there are some less explicit rules which would be better off said here. This mostly pertains to the Aesthetics category.

General rules

  1. Don’t invite your ten-year-old brother onto the server. In other words, help keep the Sterlcraft player base free of incessant nusiance. I’m too nice to ban people please don’t hate me
  2. Disable client-side mods before joining. Cosmetic enhancements such as OptiFine are fine, but gameplay-changing exploits such as X-ray mods or TMI are strictly prohibited. Such “exploits” include using endpoint latency to the benefit of the end-user, i.e. block jumping or headless pistons. Being caught using these cheats will result in immediate corrective action.
  3. Keep communications primarily English. Whilst Sterlcraft welcomes people with varying and diverse cultures and customs, the already-loose moderation system is practically impossible to manage in multiple languages (even if the owner is practically a polyglot).


There are some guidelines not only the server community but the Minecraft player-base in general have come to expect. As with most of these rules, they should be common sense; however, for reasons of sanity they are stated outright.

  1. Respect fellow players. Lighthearted jokes and moderate profanity are acceptable banter on the server. However, targeted abasement, intentional offense or any kind of libel is looked down upon. Excessive or any misconduct may result in corrective action.
  2. Don’t grief. By default, world protection is disabled and PVP enabled. However, intentional destruction, desecration or manipulation of either another player’s property, mobs or builds or the overall landscape and scenery of the server will result in immediate corrective action.
  3. Don’t spam. Incessant chattering, all-caps messages, spontaneous block interaction and any form of advertisement are all considered spam under this rule. Spam of this sort fails to actually harm the server, but it’s just plain annoying.
  4. Don’t publicly accuse another player of misconduct. Accusations typically rely on assumptions, which aren’t always necessarily true. If you suspect a player of cheating or other undesirable behaviour, contact an admin directly (if online, use /helpop).
  5. Don’t ask for x item, Creative mode or any cheats. Players will gain the Member rank once they demonstrate model behaviour and/or substantial prowess. One may even acheive the ~Artist rank if they show good building skills. Until then, players are relegated to Survival mode and no cheats.

Server preservation

Sterlcraft is not run on a model-year IBM z14 mainframe. Hence, the memory, storage and bandwidth used up by each player is precious in its own right and should be conserved if at all possible. Disregard of this golden rule generally won’t result in immediate reprimand and is instead resolved on a case-by-case basis.

  1. Don’t circumvent the AFK kick-timer. Staying AFK (away-from-keyboard) or otherwise being inactive whilst connected to the server takes up system resources which would be better allocated to active players; therefore, the server kicks any player who has idled for more than fifteen minutes. Attempts to work around the timer by means of Minecarts, boats, AFK pools, &c. may result in corrective action. The exception to this rule is when there are few or no other players on; even then, be reasonable.
  2. Don’t cause lag using TNT, Redstone clocks or any other resource-intensive materials. All high-frequency Redstone clocks or Hopper builds must have an off-switch or other means of disabling. Any such devices found running unattended on the server may be removed or disabled without warning. Additionally, players who create builds with the intent to lag and/or crash the server will be banned.
  3. Keep mob grinders at a sane level. Fifty mobs is the equivalent of one player in terms of server resources, so there is a limit to 50 of a given mob per loaded view-distances radius area per player; any past this risk automatic or manual removal. Server administration as well as fellow players would appreciate intent management of such circumstance.
    1. Do not create fish farms using note blocks. The block logger records every interaction with a note block; a single session on such a farm could add hundreds of thousands of entries to said log. Instead, a chest or shulker shell locked with a solid block on top should produce the desired results sans file-storage disasters.


This only applies to the main Overworld.

  1. Re-plant trees. When felling trees, place a corresponding sapling in the location of its original trunk. The obvious exception to this rule is clearing out space, i.e. to enhance a view, build a house, lay a path or something similar.
  2. Additionally: fell entire trees. No floating big trees, please. If it takes you three minutes to make a pillar and find the logs, so be it.
  3. Keep amateur erections away from Spawn. The Spawn town maintains a certain aesthetic—albeit lacking a clear definition of such—and any dwellings, statues or other erections within or in close proximity of the town should acheive said aesthetic. As for elsewhere: go right ahead.
  4. Remove all 1×1 pillars. Even if they’re away from Spawn, rid of all pillar-jumping residue.
  5. Be considerate of the landscape. Woolen houses floating in the sky, square hollow-outs in the hills, brick bridges with no structural support: if it fails to make marginal sense in the real world, fix it. Building on naturally generated sky-islands is permitted, however.