Sterlcraft » Permissions

To prevent absolute and utter chaos, players on the Sterlcraft servers are divided into separate ranks which determine what they’re allowed to do. Below is a table rudimentarily outlining what each role can normally do. Hover over a partial (tilde) box to learn what makes it neither yes/no.

Default Member Artist Staff Owner
Chat globally
Send/receive mail
Set player nickname
Use colour/formatting codes
Send clickable URLs
Toggle flight status
Feed/heal via command
Change gamemode
Repair/enchant items via command
Obtain blocks via /item
Use WorldEdit
Enter God mode
Set/delete player homes
Teleport to overworld spawn
Teleport between worlds
Teleport to given player
Set/delete warps
Teleport to given x,y,z position
Potentially dangerous things
PVP against players
Place lava
Place/ignite TNT
Use flint-and-steel
Use Splashing/Lingering potions
Mine/place spawner blocks
Create player head
Use spawn eggs
Use command block
World management
Extinguish fire via command
Butcher hostile mobs
Set own perceived time/weather
Set world time/weather
Modify world gamerules/parameters
Create/delete worlds
World protection
Lock chests, doors, &c. with LWC
Access others’ LWC-protected items
Create WorldGuard regions
Check CoreProtect history
Roll back entire server
Pay money to other users with /pay
Sell items to the server for money
Create ChestShops
Set value of a given item
Create CraftBook elevators/gates
Add/delete Dynmap markers
Kick users
Tempban players/IPs
Permaban players/IPs
Unban players/IPs
Modify user/group permissions
Reload plugins and/or server