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Some iconic Filthy Frank snippets in MP3 form.

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../ Parent Directory 2021-05-26 00:10:54
ey-b0ss.mp3 MPEG audio file 20KiB 2021-05-27 02:00:40
frank-says.mp3 MPEG audio file 28KiB 2021-05-27 02:00:40
hamburger-pls.mp3 MPEG audio file 36KiB 2021-05-27 02:00:40
its-time-to-stop.mp3 MPEG audio file 45KiB 2021-05-27 02:00:40
salamander-man-yes.mp3 MPEG audio file 51KiB 2021-05-27 02:00:40

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