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Backups of various Minecraft servers I’ve run, here for posterity.

Note: some more recent files are password-protected.

Filename Type Size Last Modified
../ Parent Directory 2023-05-02 12:17:26
2015-07-24_derpcraft_1-of-3.iso ISO 9660 disc image 699MiB 2021-05-27 01:48:58
2015-07-24_derpcraft_2-of-3.iso ISO 9660 disc image 702MiB 2021-05-27 01:48:58
2015-07-24_derpcraft_3-of-3.iso ISO 9660 disc image 20MiB 2021-05-27 01:48:58
2021-05-23_gummycraft.tar.bz2 bzip2 compressed archive 3.1GiB 2021-07-25 18:30:02 ZIP archive 1.3GiB 2021-11-24 16:12:52 ZIP archive 2.0GiB 2022-07-14 15:13:02 ZIP archive 1.5GiB 2022-08-21 11:22:16

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