/mlp/ greentext selections

When I was thirteen, a desire to have friends accepting of my social ineptitude somehow led me into the brony community. It was there I developed a liking for greentext—a form of second-person fiction—, as it was a rather effective form of escapism from an otherwise tumultuous adolescence. I’d recently (2021) found myself drawn back into the semi-active remains of the brony community (arguably for the same reason), and in seeking that feeling of days gone by, I’ve compiled an archive of select greentext stories which worked some unknown voodoo to keep me afloat.

For those of you familiar with /mlp/, you might be asking: why not just use Pastebin/PonePaste, etc? Well, I’ve seen with my own eyes these stories become unaccessible either through author deletion or the downing of an entire website; that’s why I’ve made a copy for myself to hold on to an ort of nostalgia and remembrance of what were (in relative terms) good times.

A list of stories, in no particular order

Paradise Skies

Chronicles of a NEETpone pegasus studying in England, written by punki.